We Love These Kinds Of Letters!


Every day (and we do mean EVERY day) we get a stack of letters from people asking for prayer, may of them prisoners who have received our material. Letters like the one below encourage us to keep laboring. But we can only do what your partnership with us allows. Won’t you pray about giving toward a larger harvest of souls? Go here: https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx…
Remember this: Each and EVERY soul that is saved as a result of your help is going to be added to your Heavenly account. You will reap a rich reward: the Soul-winner’s Crown! And what greater reward could we receive, than being greeted in Heaven by someone that thanks us for contributing toward their salvation?

A prisoner letter that says it all.

A prisoner letter that says it all. We can only do what you empower us to do. Please prayerfully consider helping us supply one prisoner with a $17 gift to cover a one-year subscription to our devotionals? Or more than one, if you are able. Your investment in an eternal soul will bring rich dividends in eternity. Call Lynn at 912-685-2222.


A Call For Help

 We got this letter in the mail today. Our hearts are moved when we read such a plea for help from those in prison. We can only do what you help us to do. Won’t you underwrite subscriptions for one or more prisoners? A gift of $17 will provide one prisoner with a year’s subscription to our monthly devotionals. Call us at 912-685-2222 now to invest in our ministry, with an eternal return!

Letters From Prisoners That Will Move You

I have chosen your ministry to start sending my tithes to every month from now on. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to receive the Seeds of Hope devotional every month. When I first requested it from you, I told you that I am living in the faith based dorm which is normally a 2 year program but because of Covid-19 all of the Texas prisons have basically been put on lockdown. No volunteers are allowed on the unit so there is no church and no faith based classes for anyone on the unit, hasn’t been since March 13. So our program has been put on hold and the last 5 months has not counted toward our 2 years. Things have gotten a little crazy in here but overall I think that the unity in our dorm has really gotten stronger. We’ve started our own Bible study groups and have put together game nights for everyone. You send me 20 devotionals every month and when I passed them out last month, I wasn’t able to give one to everyone that wanted one. If you can please send me an additional 10, it would be greatly appreciated. If you are not, it’s okay, I understand. -S

God put it on my heart to send this donation to you. We in the prison system love and appreciate what you do. I pray your ministry stands for generations to come. I know $10.00 isn’t much but it’s coming from my inmate bank. I figured anything would help. God bless. -Z 


We say “Support What Matters” because we see letters like the ones above every day, as inmates ask for more material to share. You can help supply a prisoner with a year’s subscription to “Seeds Of Hope” for just $15. Please contact us at 912-685-2222 and let us know you want to invest in this ministry and the souls of the often-forgotten ones. Your return will be eternal.

A Couple More Letters

I am writing to inform you that my room number in my unit has changed so I can continue to receive the “Seed of Hope.” I have received the Seed but by the time the prison mailroom locates me it’s almost the end of the month. That’s all for that issue and thanks for the Seeds of Hope. They really mean a lot to me. Being in prison isn’t easy but they help me and when I receive mail from y’all I get excited because I don’t feel forgotten. “Remember those in prison as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.” I truly feel this from you all. Thanks for everything you all provide during my time in prison. My birthday has just passed July 15 and I’m 38 and feeling great during this pandemic. Continue to keep not only me but everyone in prayers because being in prison they have very little concern about us. Once again thanks for the Seeds and your prayers. 
-C in NC

Below is an excerpt from a letter from a prisoner whose tithe consists of sending stamps, which are hard to come by for him.

Chaplain Requests More Devotionals

We received this letter from a chaplain who needs more “Seeds Of Hope” devotionals….
Wouldn’t you like to be a part of our outreach to those who need to hear the message of God’s love and grace? We can only do this with your support, so please… help us meet the need by contributing to the cost of sending the extra “Seeds.” Call Lynn or Larry now at 912-685-2222 to find out more, and to give.

A Gift For Paper Craft!

Look closer at this image… click on it to view full-size! There’s more to it than meets the eye… it might look like it is made of wood, but it is made from paper! An artistic and innovative friend of the ministry created this and sent it to us, with the following note… “I thought I would send your ministry one of my paper crafts I do. God blessed me about 10 years ago with the talent to craft things from paper. In turn, I send them to others to bless them. I appreciate the devotionals each month. May God continue to supply the funds to keep spreading His Word. In His Service, -Bobby”

The framework is all paper and the “glass” is a plastic dried peanut container. Isn’t that unique?
We appreciate hearing from our “Sower Family Inside,” and we appreciate YOU for making it possible to send them our material each month. Each year’s subscription is $17, and we couldn’t do this without your gift. If you are not giving yet, won’t you call now about supplying one or more prisoners with a year’s subscription? Call 912-685-2222 and talk to Lynn or Larry about it.